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National Transport Medical Institute (National Transport Medical Institute Act No. 25 of 1997)

Date Established : 01.01.1999

Vision : “Healthy Driver behind Each Steering Wheel”


Services rendered by the Institute

  1. Issuing medical certificates to all applicants for heavy-duty vehicle driving licence.
  2. Issuing medical certificates to applicants for renewing driving licences.
  3. Issuing medical certificates to the applicants seeking route permits.
  4. Issuing medical certificates to applicants for light vehicle driving licences.
  5. Issuing medical certificates for employees at the time of new recruitments and confirmation in the posts.
  6. Issuing medical certificates in respect of the drivers who have involved in fatal and critical injury accidents, and referred by the police stations and courts situated Island wide.
  7. Providing medical facilities for the institutions coming under the purview of the Ministry.
  8. Provision of X-ray and ECG facilities.
  9. Conducting medical examinations of drivers above 40 years old who are referred by the SLTB depots to ensure their physical fitness for further engaging them on duties.
  10. Conducting medical examinations and issuing medical certificates at the time of reinstating relevant employees of the SLTB Depots who are interdicted on disciplinary grounds.
  11. Conducting various laboratory investigations when necessity arises.