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Lakdiva Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd


The principle objective of the organization is to repair the SLTB buses (Except engines) at a low cost yet under high standard and add to the public service. The organization carries out its tasks with the objective of granting its fullest contribution towards repairing SLTB bus bodies. Vehicles brought into the workshop as a chassis are converted, in a short span of time, into a vehicle with imported condition. The organization possesses all required facilities to produce such an output.

Further, the busses manufactured in 1970 and 1980 decades are refurbished to the shape more similar to the currently imported buses. The buses so repaired by the company are delivered under warranty and could be engaged in the public transportation service for more than 05 years.

Preliminary steps are already initiated to undertake repairs of the damaged vehicles of the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation which is also a Government organization, by which the target is to attract the public money into the organization restricting its flow into the private garages.  Meanwhile, the vehicles belonged to Katubedda Ceylon German Technical Training Institute are also undertaken for repairs under concessionary basis. All these activities enable the Company to produce trained workers for the country need.

In addition to the repairing of bus bodies the organization manufactures the seats, seat cushion covers and cushion for buses, manufacture spare nuts, and paint the completed buses. Similarly, the organization possesses the ability to distribute the serviced vehicles even under high demanding conditions.


Contribute towards facilitating a better and attractive service to the passengers.


To repair the damaged buses belonged to the Sri Lanka Transport Board as well as to the individual operators under concessionary basis yet in high standard enabling to add them to the passenger service.

Contact details

Name Designation Contact No
Mr.Ravi Gunawardena Chairman 0112 236 458 / 0777 282 322

Postal Address

Lakdiva Engineering Company Ltd

No.73, Minuwangoda Road,

Ekala, Ja-ela.

Tele: +94 (0) 112 236 458 / +94 (0) 112 236 530

Fax: +94 (0) 112 236 530

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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