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Internal Audit

Contact Details


Mr G. S. Karunarathne


Chief Internal Auditor

Telephone Number (Office)

0112 671 559

Fax Number (Office)

0112 671 559

E-Mail Address

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


In order to perform the said functions the main objectives of the Internal Audit Branch in terms of FR 133 is as follows:-

  • Attending to internal control system pertaining to financial activities in programmes coming under Ministry Subjects and functions and maintaining a continuous survey and independent evaluation to ascertain the effectiveness and the sufficiency of internal checks used to avoid and detect irregularities and frauds in such financial activities
  • Assisting the Chief Accounting Officer and the Progress Control Committee (FR 4.5) to ascertain the progress on implementation planning and fulfilling above programmes or development projects and schemes taken over by the above institutions.
  • Function as the coordinator with those who are engaged in these activities and the secretary to the Ministry and Progress Control Committee when appropriate.